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A Private Limited is the most popular type of partnership Malta. The limited liabilityis, in fact, the only type of company allowed by Companies.

Manage all your loyalty card from one place.

Using Savoll you will never have to look through your purse or wallet to see if you have your loyalty card with you. Savoll lets you scan and store these cards on the app with our E-wallet.
Never miss out on loyalty points again.

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Charity, Causes and Check-ins

Earn points each time you save with Savoll. These points can then be used to help a charity or a cause you believe in. We help you help those in need.
With Savoll Check-ins keep a track of all your check-ins to your favorite places and redeem your stamps once completed.

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Some of our partners

Here are some of our partners. These are some of the places where you can save and get live updates as and when they have offers and discounts

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Latest Way to save and other blogs.

Here you’ll find better ways to save while living in the UAE as well as other blogs that will make you take advantage of UAE’s best offers.