About Us

About Us
We are one big conglomeration of passionate individuals who constantly strive to come up with a variety of ideas to make buying and selling a joyful experience for all.

We are a team who move forward with one single goal – finding missing links in the market, connecting the dots and arriving at apt long-term solutions for customers and merchants alike.

We are tech-savvy.  We are problem solvers.  Above all, we are people who believe in people.

Our mission

We are going to dissolve the notion of competition in the market and replace it with a more genial concept – coevolution. Where every merchant is a winner. Where every customer goes back home with a smiling face.    

Our vision

By empowering merchants to grow their business and enabling customers to save money, we make the market environment more affable. We are committed to making a meaningful contribution in creating a sustainable future wherever everyone will have their fair share of benefits.